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By Drew Bixby

CoverDenver's Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the Mile High City offers a shot’s-eye view of the deliciously seedy underside of bar life in the Mile High City. Join Drew Bixby, Denver's lowlife nightlife king, as he gets to the bottom of more Frozen Belly Busters, Tinys, and Bionic Beavers than any self-respecting drunk ought to consume. Along the way (and way off the beaten path of Colfax and South Broadway), you'll discover which joints offer free food and let you light up legally; who makes the best Moscow Mules and pours the deepest shots; and where to find the latest last call. Want to know which dives open at 7 a.m. and whether you'll need to bring cash? Who serves quality grub, has the best patio or offers free shuffleboard? Where to plan your next dive bar crawl? Whether you're likely to encounter a hoard of hipsters? Denver's Best Dive Bars will give you the lowdown on all that and much, much more, straight, no chaser.

When he is not writing the "Drunk of the Week" column for Westword, Drew Bixby teaches writing for the Department of English and the Writing Center at the University of Colorado Denver. Most of his close friends are drinkers, smokers and gamblers, which explains why he feels so at home on a torn and tattered bar stool with a half-full beer and a shot of tequila.

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